Melinda S. Kempista


Work in Detail

Wood Grain Meditations

This collection represents a meditative mood. Following along the grains of the wood often a pattern emerges and a picture forms. Working in a rhythm to produce the lines, and along the paths that happen, quiets the mind and brings about a centering to the whole being.



Throughout the years that I have been developing my painting styles it has both gotten tighter and evolved along the way. This collection is a journey in acrylic, watercolor, oil, and pastel.



Words cause action. They carry us throughout our lives... Molding us... Changing us... Exciting us... And moving us. Some words stop us in our tracks others push us forward. This collection reflects thoughts and sayings that were motivated to come in to being from various systems around me.



In this collection I have made sculptures that can provoke thought. It is a very small collection motivated mostly through past class assignments. I value what they taught me about the process of creating. 



When creating an illustration, there is often a narrative telling a story about what has been captured in the artist's mind. It gives you a glimpse in to how they see, interpret, and perceive the world around and in them. This collection draws the viewer a little bit into my world and how imagine. 



The art of painting with hot wax is a centuries old. This collection is a grouping of wax paintings created with rich pigments suspended in wax and resin. The wax can allow for the the light to bounce through layers of wax on a stiff board and give the pieces incredible dimension.